Lesotho Remote Monitoring Update, June 2019

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Food Security outcomes are likely to deteriorate earlier than usual due to below-average harvest


• Most of Lesotho is experiencing Stressed (IPC Phase 2) food security outcomes, supported by limited 2019 harvests. However, this status is expected to be short lived and Crisis (IPC Phase 3) outcomes will likely reemerge by September.

• Following a poor 2018/19 rainfall season, the belowaverage 2019 harvest is one of the main drivers of food insecurity in Lesotho this year. Unofficial estimates suggest that maize production is about 20 to 40 percent below reference year levels and sorghum production, an important cereal crop, is less than last year and significantly below the five-year average.

• Market staple food prices in Maseru are still favorable, however reports indicate a gradual increase. Price projections by FEWS NET (figure 1) show that maize meal prices in Maseru will likely increase to above-average levels during the outlook period. They are expected to fluctuate between 4–12 percent above 5-year average between July 2019 and February 2020, driven by price increases in South African source markets. Market supplies should remain stable across Lesotho.