Lesotho: Food Insecurity - Emergency appeal n°MDRSL004

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This Emergency Appeal seeks a total of 664,073 Swiss francs to enable the IFRC to support the Lesotho Red Cross Society (LRCS) to respond to the food security needs of 4,500 affected beneficiaries1 with a focus on food distributions, cash transfer, health and hygiene promotion, and livelihoods and related training activities, and the distribution of seeds and tools. The planned response reflects the current situation and available information at this point of the evolving operation, and will be adjusted based on new developments and more detailed assessments.

The disaster and the Red Cross Red Crescent response to date

June 2015: Lesotho Vulnerability Committee (LVAC) report estimates 11% of population are food insecure and 180,880 will need food assistance.

December 2015: Lesotho declares an emergency and requests international assistance to help 180,880 food insecure people not being reached by on-going safety net food assistance interventions. 84,639 Swiss francs allocated from the IFRC’s Disaster Relief Emergency Fund (DREF) for assessments and to support the start of assistance.

January 2016: Emergency Appeal launched for 664,073 Swiss francs for 4,500 people