Lesotho: Floods: DREF Operation n° MDRLS001 Final Report

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CHF 244,036 was allocated from the Federation’s Disaster Relief Emergency Fund (DREF) in February 2011. The DREF had a dual purpose of supporting the national society in delivering assistance to flood affected households, and to replenish depleted disaster preparedness stocks following a draw down during the earlier stages of the response. 2,000 families, equivalent to 10,000 beneficiaries received assistance.

The LRCS launched a DREF operation to address the immediate humanitarian needs following the devastating floods at the beginning of 2011. The funding covered sanitation areas such as the provision of water makers, water buckets, toilet and latrine construction. It also catered for temporary shelter. Tarpaulin sheets, shelter kits and tents were provided to the affected households. The assistance extended to the provision of blankets and kitchen sets. Between 1,000 and 1,339 families were reached and provided with non-food relief items which included 1,500 water buckets, 1,000 toilet sets, 2,300 blankets and 1,200 kitchen sets. In total, 905 temporary emergency shelter kits were provided and 128 latrines were constructed.