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Development and Peace helps famine victims in southern Africa

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TORONTO / July 3, 2002 - As it always does when major disasters occur anywhere in the world, the Canadian Catholic Organization for DEVELOPMENT AND PEACE is accepting donations to aid an estimated 13 million famine victims in Southern Africa.
The famine is a result of flooding, drought, and political and economic instability. Last fall's harvests in the region were almost totally destroyed, and supplies of food and seeds have been dwindling ever since. The worst food shortages are in Zimbabwe, which is already facing civil unrest. Other hard-hit nations are Lesotho, Malawi, Mozambique, Swaziland and Zambia.

Initially, funds provided to DEVELOPMENT AND PEACE will be used to support two Caritas Internationalis projects in Malawi and Zambia. Additional funds will be funnelled through Caritas Internationalis to countries throughout the region.

CCODP has already sent $80,000 to help support a $3.8-million-project to provide food and seeds for 390,000 people in 78,000 households in Malawi - about 5% of that country's famine victims. Training will also be provided to local, Catholic relief staff to help them support struggling families in the months to come. Priority is being given to families headed by women, children, the elderly, the chronically ill and families with malnourished children five-years and younger.

In Zambia CCODP has already sent $50,000 to support a $1.6-million Caritas project that is feeding 30,830 households with an average family size of six. The project will serve eight dioceses. Priority is being given to participants in food-for-work initiatives involving farming and community improvement programs, as well as the disabled, the chronically ill, including HIV/AIDS patients, and orphans.

Contributions can be made by phoning ( 1-888-664-DEVP ) or by mailing a cheque to:


5633 Sherbrooke St. East
Montréal, Québec H1N 1A3



In Toronto: Jack Panozzo (416) 922-1592 ( jpanozzo@devp.org )
In Montréal: François Gloutnay (514) 257- 8711, ext. 318 ( fgloutnay@devp.org )