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WFP Regional Syria Refugee Crisis Overview #02, September 2019

Situation Report
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• 3.23 million Syrian refugees, non-Syrian refugees and host community members assisted by WFP in September 2019.

• US$ 5.7 billion injected into local economies through WFP’s cash-based transfers, local food procurement and other expenditures since 2012.

WFP Response

WFP is extending its support to refugees of other nationalities in the countries affected by the Syrian regional crisis. In Egypt, WFP is assisting refugees of seven different nationalities with e-vouchers as part of the “One Refugee Policy”, while in Jordan and Lebanon non-Syrian refugees received unrestricted cash assistance redeemable at ATMs, contracted shops or both and cash transfers respectively.

Unconditional Resource Transfers

Lebanon: WFP and cooperating partners have initiated capacity strengthening activities and asset creation and livelihood support activities that will focus on infrastructure and forestry projects. Some 4,747 people are expected to participate.

Jordan: Validation stations for refugees living in host communities that receive WFP’s unconditional assistance through cashbased transfers have been set up. Through this new model, refugees can visit a post office on a quarterly basis to scan their Iris and swipe their e-cards to confirm their presence in the country