Lebanon + 1 more

WFP Lebanon Country Brief, June 2022


In Numbers:

  • 1.7 m people assisted in June 2022
  • US$ 25 m cash-based transfers made
  • 5,100 mt of food assistance distributed
  • US$ 411 m six months (July - December 2022) net funding requirements

Operational Updates

• In June, WFP assisted a total of 1,698,556 beneficiaries through cash-based transfer modalities amounting to USD 25 million and through distribution of family food parcels. The people assisted were 629,827 vulnerable Lebanese, 1,062,862 Syrian refugees, and 5,867 refugees of other nationalities.

• WFP supported 1,027,521 refugees in June with cash assistance to meet their food and other basic needs. 64 additional retailers were contracted in June to expand redemption points for beneficiaries receiving the food e-card, helping to reduce travel time and cost and enabling beneficiaries to maximize the value of assistance.

• Through the emergency response to the ongoing economic crisis, WFP reached 81,914 vulnerable Lebanese households (around 319,300 individuals) with food parcels in June. Between January and June 2022, WFP reached 380,872 vulnerable Lebanese in total through its in-kind food assistance.

• In June, 71,742 Syrian and Lebanese students registered in the morning and afternoon shifts at 115 public schools that are part of WFP’s School Meals programme, reaching 98 percent of the target to assist 73,500 students. This included 4,596 students who received cold meals prepared by students’ mothers as part of the School Kitchens initiative.

• Under WFP’s Food System Challenge, 10 businesses received grants in June to upgrade their production facilities and launch new products and an additional 10 businesses were selected to receive grants.

• WFP assisted 49,060 Lebanese households (around 280,000 individuals) through the National Poverty Targeting Programme (NPTP) in June. The household verification exercise for the inclusion of additional households is ongoing to reach the goal of assisting 75,000 vulnerable Lebanese families by September 2022 through the NPTP.