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WFP Lebanon Country Brief, January 2017



  • The 2017-2020 Lebanon Crisis Reponses Plan (LCRP) was presented on 19 January 2017. The joint plan between the Government of Lebanon and the UN provides a sectoral approach to continue help stabilize the country and assist those that are most vulnerable. WFP has appealed for USD 281.2 million out of a total of USD 507.2 million required for activities in the food security sector.

  • In January, WFP assisted 763,912 people: 692,434 Syrian refugees; 15,950 Palestinian refugees from Syria; 2,775 people under rapid income generation and food for assets activities; 52,753 vulnerable Lebanese.

Operational Updates

  • WFP and UNHCR are working jointly on the refinement of the beneficiary targeting and referral process in order to develop a harmonized approach for identifying economically vulnerable households. This will ensure that beneficiaries in Lebanon are receiving coherent and effective delivery of assistance.

  • A comprehensive shop selection process was completed, resulting in WFP expanding its network of local shops where the e-card is redeemable from 493 shops including three chains. Both Syrian refugees and vulnerable Lebanese eligible for food assistance have been informed of the expanded network. All new shops are listed on www.refugees-lebanon.org

  • In 2016, WFP launched a number of livelihoods projects together with its cooperating partners.
    During the month of January 2017, 2,775 people were reached through a range of projects including: the provision of agricultural improvement packages to refugees; the training Lebanese and Syrian refugee households led by women on financial resource management; the provision of agricultural packages to small-holder farmers; rehabilitation of agricultural infrastructure through labour-intensive cash-for-work activities for Lebanese and Syrian refugees.
    WFP will continue to scale-up activities in 2017.