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VARON 2021: Key Findings of the 2021 Vulnerability Assessment of Refugees of Other Nationalities


The Vulnerability Assessment for Refugees of Other Nationalities (VARON) is an annual assessment of Refugees in Lebanon from counties of origin other than Syria.
The assessment was conducted jointly by UNHCR and WFP. Between June and July 2021 a representative sample of 1,158 refugee households were surveyed through household visits. A targeted sample was selected from the total number of households registered in UNHCR database. Sampling occurred through simple random sampling, separately for Iraqi refugees and refugees of other nationalities, to ensure representative results for each population group. The sample was representative for the RON population and for the subgroups (Iraqis -Non Iraqis ) at the level of 99% confidence interval and 5% error. The distribution of this refugee population is concentrated in 2 of the eight governorates in Lebanon, with over 80 percent of the population residing in Beirut or Mount Lebanon. As such, no geographical stratification was applied to the sample methodology