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UNHCR Lebanon Health Update March 2014


March developments

 UNHCR’s annual secondary and tertiary health care report for 2013 shows that a total of 41,168 patients were referred to hospitals, with 37% of them in Bekaa. Over 70% of patients are women and nearly a quarter of them are children less than 5 years old. A very high number of referrals among females are linked to high demand for reproductive health care including deliveries (41%). More details can be found on


 Over 28,800 patients received primary health care in March with UNHCR support. The top three reasons for consultations were for ante-natal care, respiratory tract infections, and routine child care.

 UNHCR further expanded the hospital network this month and now includes a total of 62 hospitals, almost 30% of which are affiliated to the government. Over 4,500 received life-saving care and support in March. More than 500 of them were fully covered by UNHCR, based on pre-defined vulnerability criteria and assessments, while the remainder were covered for 75% of the costs