UNHCR Lebanon Community Development Update January 2014

from UN High Commissioner for Refugees
Published on 31 Jan 2014 View Original

January developments

Community mobilization

  • Over 1,525 persons (305 families) referred by 116 refugee outreach volunteers (ROVs) to UNHCR and partners. 43% required immediate attention.

  • ROVs cited the main community concerns this month as difficulties to renew residency permits, delays in winterization, increased school drop-outs, slow food assistance appeal process, and numerous challenges with GlobeMed. UNHCR and its partners are working to find solutions.

  • Strategy for nationwide roll-out of 600 specialized ROVs developed with sector specialists (education, health and child protection). Funding capacity remains limited.

Livelihoods and self-reliance

  • 1,500 individuals, 40% Lebanese and mostly women, engaged in vocational and life-skill activities through community centers.

  • 1 livelihood center established in Baysour, Mount Lebanon bringing the total to 3 livelihood centers in Lebanon. The centers offer job matching, targeted trainings and referrals to micro-finance.

  • 25 persons, 40% Lebanese, accessed group lending (micro-credit) services.

  • Increasing employment opportunities was identified as a priority theme for discussion and elaboration within the livelihoods working group.

Social cohesion and conflict mitigation activities

  • Conflict dynamic studies done in 11 risk communities to prepare for local conflict mitigation mechanisms to be established in the North (El Nabatieh) and in the South.