Lebanon + 1 more

UN Inter-Agency Response for Syrian Refugees, February 15 – February 22, 2013


Highlights of the week

  • UNHCR registered more than 10,000 Syrian refugees this week;

  • The Official border crossing of Al Arida in north Lebanon closed on Monday February 18 due to overnight shelling from the Syrian side;

  • Over 60,000 winter clothes vouchers, electric heaters, blankets, pillows, mattresses, hygiene and baby kits were distributed this week;

  • Over 17,700 World Food Programme (WFP) food vouchers and 5,000 fuel coupons were distributed to refugees across the country;

  • Over 3,165 newly arrived Syrian refugees were visited, counselled and assisted this week - An open strike was launched on Wednesday by school teachers and public servants who protested outside government headquarters across Lebanon and demanded a pay raise;

  • Some 3,000 refugee patients received primary health care services this week;

  • Over 650 patients were admitted to IMC, Caritas, and Makhzoumi Foundation-supported hospitals in Beirut, north Lebanon and the Bekaa.