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Syrian refugees in Arsal camps thank Qatari people for help


The Syrian refugees in the Arsal camps expressed their thanks and appreciation to the people of Qatar who took the initiative to send urgent aid to them in conjunction with the snowstorms. They explained that the aid provided contributes to bringing warmth to them and their family members, noting that the aid came at the right time, especially in light of their inability to purchase heating fuel In addition, clothes that protect them from the cold.

The Mayor of Arsal Basil Al-Hujairi said that the number of Syrians in the area is estimated at 67,000 distributed among 9,000 tents, most of which cannot resist rain, snow, and frost, in light of the significant drop in temperatures to below zero in many places.

He said that the convoys of the "Warmth and Peace" campaign are of great importance, especially as they provide people with their needs directly, adding that it is important to give people the things at the right time. One of the refugee women in Arsal camps thanked the donors in the State of Qatar for their urgent assistance. A camp official in Arsal also appealed to provide fuel oil for heating, saying that they can starve themselves and their children, but they are unable to bear the harsh cold in the tents without heating.

The first convoy

Qatar Charity had conducted the first convoys of the "Warmth and Peace" campaign for Arsal camps, with 10 trucks, in cooperation with the Islamic Authority for Welfare.


This aid comes at a time when the severe cold wave continues in the Arsal region, where the snow falls and the cold gets at sub-zero temperatures at night, to alleviate the suffering of the refugees, which is increasing in light of the increase in winter cold rates and the low temperatures and rainfall.

The area is currently living under the impact of the second snowstorm during the winter season.