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Statement by Jan Eliasson following the escalating violence in southern Lebanon

"The escalating violence in southern Lebanon is deeply worrying."
"We condemn Hizbollah's kidnapping of two Israeli soldiers. They must be released immediately and unconditionally," says Minister for Foreign Affairs Jan Eliasson.

"There is no justification for the shelling of Israeli territory. At the same time, it is crucial for developments that Israel's countermeasures are proportionate, in accordance with international law.

"There is a risk that the hostilities we are now witnessing will trigger a serious conflict between Israel and Lebanon and in the region. The escalation on both sides can lead to a crisis that will be difficult to control. Threats to regional and international security must be taken extremely seriously.

"The international community headed by the UN and the EU must persuade the parties to display self-control and assume their share of the responsibility. The ominous developments in the Middle East must be reversed. We call on all parties to act responsibly and do everything possible to relieve the situation. Nothing less than a peaceful solution can counteract the mutual hate that violence breeds," says Mr Eliasson.


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Press Officer
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