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Regular Perception Surveys on Social Tensions throughout Lebanon, Wave VI (August 2019)

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Executive Summary

Research in the Regular Perception Surveys on Social Tensions throughout Lebanon project is intended to provide a detailed understanding of changes in social stability outcomes, and where possible, to attribute these changes to evolving or proximate conflict causes. This document provides a summary from the sixth wave of surveying in this project.

This analysis focuses on seven key themes: (1) the level of satisfaction with public services, with a emphasis on environmental services; (2) the role of media in politics; (3) expectations of refugee return to Syria; (4) trust in institutions and authorities; (5) the quality of inter-Lebanese relations, including tension factors; (6) the quality of Lebanese-Syrian relations, including tension factors; and (7) attitudes on the acceptable use of violence.

The survey was conducted with a multi-stage stratified cluster design, and surveying for Wave VI took place over the period 17 June – 13 July 2019. The survey included 4,950 completed surveys, of which 540 (10.9%) were conducted with primary respondents in Syrian-headed households. Over the course of the survey project, a total of 29,715 interviews have been conducted since May 2017.