Regional Overview: RRP5 Update - September 2013: Education

from UN High Commissioner for Refugees
Published on 30 Sep 2013 View Original


The number of school age children has exceeded 1 million as of end-August 2013, and though estimates vary, the number of school-age Syrian refugee children not enrolled or attending school could be more than 50 per cent if not greater.

The Education sector's objective is to promote and facilitate access to primary education and, where necessary, directly provide education including in camp settings. Efforts are made to support national education systems to accept refugee children, including through support to teachers, classrooms and school buildings. Education is also an entry point to provide child-centred education support, including informally and a mechanism to address the scars of war in traumatized children and adolescents.

The special needs of challenged children are difficult to address, either through mainstreaming or special services, especially in contexts were special needs children are often over-looked in the country context.