Regional Overview: RRP5 Update - September 2013: Basic Needs

from UN High Commissioner for Refugees
Published on 30 Sep 2013 View Original


Syrians often arrive to countries of asylum with few personal possessions and savings are soon depleted. For refugees living in camps, the most basic domestic items are needed to adapt to camp life, including jerry cans to transport water and for washing, kitchen sets and stoves for food preparation as well as blankets for warmth and tent insulation. For Syrians not residing in camps, accommodation is often found with host families, in sparsely furnished apartments or other ad-hoc housing solutions, with little funds to purchase needed domestic items. Children, especially those of school-age, are support in their enrollment and school retention through clothing support. RRP5 partners coordinate the purchase, logistics and distribution plans of core relief items in sector working groups.

In some hosting countries, the provision of cash assistance is intended to support the purchase of basic domestic items.