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Regional Multi-Purpose Cash Assistance Monitoring Update #6: August 2018

Situation Report
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Key Highlights

  • 1.9 million people assessed for cash assistance in 2018 so far; 1.37 million found eligible.

  • USD 16 million distributed in August 2018, USD 112 million so far in 2018.

  • 667,726 individuals reached with cash assistance in 2018 so far 1 , over 453,000 in August alone.

  • USD 44 million urgently required to provide cash assistance to 456,000 . Syrian refugees across the region.

Regional Indicators

Needs: The vulnerability of Syrian and Iraqi refugee populations and their host communities as a result of prolonged displacement has gradually worsened over time. In Lebanon, 91 per cent of Syrian refugee households have some form of debt, an increase of 24 per cent since 2014. 2 The majority of refugees live in urban areas and in poverty. UNHCR uses multisector data collection via household assessments and data analysis to determine the most vulnerable refugees in need of cash assistance. Each country uses its own household-level vulnerability assessments that look at data on welfare as well as protection needs of individuals and households. Household visits are used to collect sector-related indicators in addition to other financial information (for example income, rent, debt amounts).