QRC Field and Mobile Clinic (Bint Jbail) Weekly Report Week 19 (8-14 Jan 2007)

News and Press Release
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A total of 4399 patients had been examined in Bint Jbail Field Hospital since September 7. During the 19th week, 261 patients received medical care including 5 home visits (tab.1).

41 of total number were >5 years old. Predominant age group was 0-10 years. Males were 94, while females were 167 (fig.1, 2). Table 2 reviews diseases encountered in Bint Jbail Static clinic.

Mobile Clinic offered medical services for 4843 patients since September 7 by 135 trips with a mean of 36 patients per trip. 285 patients received medical services during 19th week, 19th week patients' data can be illustrated shown in table 3.

Variable diseases were found, those which were mostly encountered are illustrated in table 4 which shows predominance of upper respiratory tract infections.