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Qatar Charity Provides Medical Surgeries, Winter Aid for Syrian Refugees in Lebanon

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Qatar Charity provided a project to conduct surgical operations for Syrian children in Lebanon as part of its Arsal and Al Shamal relief campaign to ease the suffering of Syrian refugees in Lebanon.

About 80 children, most of them Syrian refugees, benefited from the surgeries in all regions of Lebanon, noting that these operations were performed free of charge at the Dar Al-Shifa Hospital, which included bone and fracture surgeries, eye surgeries, ear, nose and throat surgeries, in addition to general surgery and radiology.

The project aims to support these refugees, alleviate the burden of the surgeries on refugees' families, support the mentally ill, as well as maintain physical health and return the smile to the faces of poor patients.

Parents of the children expressed their happiness and satisfaction with the operations carried out and thanked the Qatari people for their help in providing free treatment for their children.

Qatar Charity distributed 1000 health and winter bags to Syrian refugee families in the regions of Arsal and Al Shamal, in order to meet their urgent needs and alleviate their suffering, as part of its continuous efforts to provide relief to those affected and in response to the worsening humanitarian situation during the winter, which is considered one of the most difficult seasons of the year for refugees and displaced persons in the camps.

In addition, a mobile relief medical clinic was provided to the Syrian refugee community in Jabal Denniyeh,
Lebanon, where medical examinations were conducted for children and women, including 40 families, in addition to the distribution of medicines and other winter supplies, especially since the Syrian refugees suffer from a severe shortage of basic resources in those areas that live in difficult conditions resulting from the ongoing Syrian crisis.