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Protection Sector guidance note on the use of cash for emergency protection responses

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Last review and endorsement: 15.10.2020

This document aims at providing guidance and minimum standard of intervention to protection partners providing cash assistance for emergency protection response. This guidance is based on acknowledged best practices and international guidelines. It was revised in 2020 to integrate lessons learned and arising needs related to multiple crisis that hit the country (health, socio-economic, the Beirut blast).

This document provides guidance specifically that applies for emergency cash assistance (ECA). It is expected from protection partners to follow this guidance note when providing such responses.

General Principles

Cash-Based Interventions (CBIs), including cash and vouchers, provide a flexible mechanism for delivery of assistance that enables persons of concerns to meet their needs with autonomy and dignity.

In the context of Lebanon, the CBIs are utilized to respond to different situations i) to address socio-economic vulnerability (MCAP – Multi-purpose Cash Programme under the Basic Assistance Sector), ii) to respond to a protection incident/situation or prevent protection risks (PCAP: Protection Cash Assistance Programme for sustained assistance over a specific time period) or ECA: Emergency Cash Assistance for one time assistance. These two cash modalities have been implemented under the Protection Sector Response Strategy since the beginning of the Syrian refugee crisis. This guidance note only applies to ECA and not to other types of cash-based intervention.

As a protection tool, cash assistance should be understood as one modality of response, among several possible complementary interventions such as psychological support, legal assistance or finding an alternative shelter. Therefore, through direct assistance or case management, a holistic approach is recommended when providing emergency cash assistance to ensure that those concerned receive all services required to address their individual protection situation. Emergency cash assistance may be provided either to prevent or to mitigate the use of negative coping mechanisms or where a significant protection risk is likely to materialise. At the programmatic level, emergency cash assistance programmes implemented by Protection partners are designed to be complementary to the Multi-purpose Cash Assistance Programme (MCAP), which addresses long term socio-economic vulnerability, and of the Protection Cash Assistance Programme (PCAP). The ECA programme aims to respond quickly to urgent protection needs on an exceptional basis and it is not designed to meet basic needs. In addition, ECA should not be used as a blanket response as it is designed to response to an individual shock/incident.