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Protection Sector Cash Guidance – May 2022


Last update and endorsement: May 2022

The sector recognizes the importance in the current context of heightened tensions and socio-economic deterioration for an effective, coordinated, conflict-sensitive, and safe cash response. As such, this guidance was developed in response to the need for consistency among protection partner cash practices and to bring these within the scope of protection sector guidance.

The protection sector has two models of cash for protection assistance: recurrent protection cash assistance (RPCA) and emergency cash assistance (ECA). This guidance aims to provide a minimum standard of intervention for protection partners providing RPCA and/or ECA. It provides clarification on the implementation of this assistance, with a view to promote a common understanding and to harmonize key aspects of cash practices across protection, child protection and Gender-Based Violence (GBV) partners. In particular, the guidance will:

● Clarify protection sector cash terminology including to define the rational, definition and objectives of RPCA and ECA

● Outline the scope of its application and its complementarity with other assistance and services including other cash-based interventions (CBI) in Lebanon

● Provide operational guidance for its implementation (eligibility and targeting, modality, delivery mechanisms, monitoring and evaluation) and minimum standards for coordination

As such, these standards are not intended to replace internal standing operating procedures of agencies. The guidance acknowledges best practices and lessons learnt by protection partners in response to rising protection needs related to the multiple crises confronting the country as well as international guidelines.

This guidance is divided into three sections: 1. Introduction to cash for protection (inclusive of both ECA and RPCA), 2. Operational guidance for RPCA, and 3. Operational guidance for ECA.