Protection Monitoring Findings - Lebanon - 4th quarter 2020

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UNHCR conducts protection monitoring with partners on an ongoing basis to analyse trends in the protection environment and risks facing refugees in all regions of Lebanon. UNHCR’s protection monitoring partners - Caritas,
Intersos, IRC and SHEILD - conduct interviews with refugee households to elicit their feedback on the overall protection environment in Lebanon and the impact of COVID-19 on their lives. The sampling of households and findings presented are representative both at the regional and at the national level. In addition, partners conduct a number of interviews with key informants of different profiles to complement the quantitative analysis from the household interviews. When needs for specific services, assistance or information are identified during interviews, UNHCR’s protection monitoring partners refer the individuals concerned accordingly. Information on COVID-19 is systematically provided during each call.

In March 2020, the protection monitoring questions were reviewed to adapt them to the emerging COVID-19 crisis and assess its impact on refugees. As of October 2020, UNHCR reverted to a more expanded version of the questionnaire to collect information on the broader protection environment, while retaining relevant COVID-19 related questions. This report provides a summary of the findings from protection monitoring conducted in all regions in the 4th quarter of 2020 (October-December)1 . The feedback from refugees is used to inform UNHCR’s advocacy and programmatic interventions and modes of implementation with the aim of improving refugees’ access to protection and essential services, assistance and information.

Key numbers October to December 2020

7,262 refugee households interviewed

98% of households are Syrian and 2% are refugees of other nationalities

10% youth (16-25 yrs)

41% women

5% older persons (60+ yrs)

10% persons with disabilities

1071 consultations with key informants

1372 referrals made to date