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Protecting Syrian Refugees: Laws, Policies, and Global Responsibility Sharing


BADIL publishes a summary of a Boston University Report on Protecting Syrian Refugees: Laws, Policies, and Global Responsibility Sharing

BADIL produced a summary of a Report produced by the Boston University School of Law International Human Rights Clinic on ‘Protecting Syrian Refugees: Laws, Policies, and Global Responsibility Sharing’. The Report sets out a framework for how states in and outside the Middle East can implement genuine responsibility-sharing of the refugee population in this region through existing laws and policies, integrating Syrian and non-Syrian refugees through short-term and longer-term admissions. In addition, it identifies the main protection gaps for both Syrian refugees and Palestinian refugees from Syria, followed by a list of recommendations for host states. The Report calls for international responsibility-sharing through a Comprehensive Plan of Action to be launched on an urgent basis in cooperation with states and relevant actors from the UN and civil society.

This is a matter of extreme importance, as the number of refugees fleeing Syria increases day by day and the gaps in protection continue to widen. Syrian refugees are not receiving adequate protection in the host countries, and Palestinian refugees from Syria are particularly suffering from secondary displacement and discrimination. This Summary focuses on the protection gaps and on the recommendations for the international community and the Middle East.

The summary is aimed towards the general public with little or no knowledge in international law and institutions. For this reason, there are changes to the original structure of the Report, the order of the sections has been changed and some sections have been merged. These changes have been made without interfering with the content, wording or analysis, and upon review and agreement with the authors.