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OPT/Lebanon: Volunteers work alongside aid organizations at Beddawi

Beddawi camp doubled in size in less than a week due to the influx of displaced refugees from the much larger neighbouring camp of Nahr El Bared. Many of the displaced arrived in Beddawi with nothing and there is enormous strain on camp facilities, accommodation and infrastructure.

Amongst the tragedy, many residents from Beddawi camp and displaced from Nahr El Bared are working with UNRWA and other aid organizations to assist in the relief effort.

Sharif Dahar is a retired pharmacist who lives in Beddawi camp. When the crisis erupted and the displaced refugees from Nahr El Bared camp started arriving at his camp, Sharif's first thought was to report to his former workplace at the UNRWA Beddawi Camp health clinic to offer his assistance.

"It is difficult to find Pharmacists in North Lebanon at such short notice and we thankfully accepted his kind offer to work with us again", say Dr Jamil Yusef, Chief of the Field Health Programme for UNRWA Lebanon. With the help of Sarif Dahar and other dedicated UNRWA medical staff, the Beddawi health clinic has been operating on double shift since the start of the crisis.

Jamal has been displaced from Nahr El Bared and is now volunteering preparing hot food items for distribution. The hot food is donated daily by the Future Movement group.

Jamal's early return to Nahr El Bared is uncertain. When the conflict is over and Nahr El Bared residents are able to return, they will face many homes destroyed, UNRWA installations and infrastructure severely damaged and the danger of unexploded ordances (UXOs).

Abed (working at the computer) escaped the violence of Nahr El Bared camp and is now volunteering with UNRWA at their emergency registration office. This registration office forms an important component in the delivery of the emergency aid.

Once registered, the displaced Palestine families from Nahr El Bared are provided with an UNRWA emergency assistance card. The card records distributions made to the families and ensures an equitable distribution of the relief aid items.