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OPT/Lebanon: Emergency operations & coordination update - 13 Jun 2007

Water and Sanitation:

A meeting was held yesterday regarding water quality in the tanks distributed in the main road and both parties have agreed on a course of action. Padlocks for all the water tanks in the streets and alleyways to protect the water of possible contamination will be provided.

15,000 liters of water was provided for Beddawi First Public School for Girls from UNRWA water plant through water tanks. The Water and Sanitation cluster will look at other alternatives to make the supply to this school easier.

Electrical connection for nine water heaters and lighting in the Beddawi Government School was completed yesterday.

The report of 14 showers in the existing toilet blocks in Lukman Public School will commence today, in addition to other the necessary maintenance work.


Psychosocial and recreational activities are continuing to be held in UNRWA schools by Agency staff, and other NGOs including French KG and Right to Play.

Education information on issues such as breast feeding is done by UNICEF and Palestiniance Red Crescent Society (PRCS).

UNRWA and Lebanese Red Crescent are displaying Entertaining and information films in Majdal School and this will continue.

UNRWA has appointed three school guards for each Agency School in Beddawi Camp.

UNRWA is continuing to provide guidance and counselling on the conflict and trauma issues in Beddawi Schools.


Vaccination campaign continues- 412 children were vaccinated again poliomyelitis and 1508 against measles.

Today, the cluster meeting will discuss the increasing numbers of some infectious diseases- both prevention and cure.


Provision for lighting points for the shading areas at Kawkab /Battouf School in Beddawi camp were conducted yesterday. These areas will be used for recreational activities during evenings.

The fitting of partitions for rooms at Beddawi Public School was completed thus giving the displaced more privacy.

Cultural Islamic school is housing 72 families and is run by an NGO. Qatar Red Crescent established two shower units there but it still in need of more units-These will be provided.

Currently, 25 families live in Modern Nursery (Beddawi Camp). The nursery needs additional water tanks and maintenance for sanitary fittings. Hygiene kits and insecticides are needed.

Relief and Social Services

1700 food rations were distributed to host families in Beddawi Camp bringing the total distributed parcels to in this category to 2196 families.

The total of distributed parcels to displaced families to 5107 (28,694 persons).

A meeting was held with popular committee regarding distribution of rations and to keep them informed of our activities and to exchange information.

Approximately 80 new comers arrived to Beddawi camp yesterday. UNRWA along with other NGOs is ready to deliver immediate assistance to the new comers as they arrive.

A meeting was held yesterday with the Representative of Kuwait Red Crescent Society (KRCS). The KRCS priority will be the displaced families and they are ready to deliver the goods as may be requested by UNRWA. They will also be ready to provide children with toys based on the Agency's needs.

The Future Movement is still distributing, 7000 hot meals per day to the displaced located in Beddawi Camp.