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Norma Storm: Situation Report - 7 January 2019


Lebanon started feeling the eects of a heavy storm on Sunday 6 January 2019. Heavy rain, high winds and colder temperatures were reported all over Lebanon. Some regions were aected by either oodings, erosions or heavy snow. This situation reports highlights the impact of the storm on Syrian refugees and response that followed.


  • 150 Sites affected
  • 8,000 People affected
  • 850 Settlements at risk of flooding
  • 50,000 People at risk

50,000 refugees living in around 850 informal settlements could be affected by floodings

The impact of the storm ‘Norma’ has necessitated the activation of an extreme weather response over the weekend following referrals received and forecast indicating a drop in temperatures, with snowfall at lower altitudes. Assessment of damage is underway and response has started to aected areas. Extreme weather response is being coordinated by MoSA and UNHCR through the Inter-Agency coordination mechanism.

At minimum 66 informal settlements have been found heavily impacted by the flooding, 15 of which have been completely flooded or collapsed. Around 300 refugees have been relocated so far in the North and the Bekaa. No injuries or casualties have been reported to date.