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Summary of Priorities

Based on the data review and inputs from the Sector Working Group we can provide the following preliminary conclusions:

The perceptions as expressed by members of the sector working groups were in line with the findings of the assessments reviewed. The findings from the data and the MSNA SWG workshops both indicate that the priority needs include mitigation measures to combat the increasing sources of tension, including increasing the social interactions between and among communities. In addition, a number of measures are required to mitigate against violence and harassment, including an early warning system.

We can conclude that the needs of all target groups are similar and that social cohesion interventions are required throughout the country, but most urgently in the North and Bekaa. Priorities will differ in different geographic locations. Data around response does not highlight gaps, buta part of the SWGs have discerned that the entire response needs to integrate social cohesion as a cross cutting issue, capacity-building of local actors is required, and there is a need to reinforce skills and knowledge on the concept of “do no harm”.

In terms of the future, the participants in the MSNA SWG workshop identified the following factors that could impact the sector: increased tension due to water shortages, consequences of the upcoming elections, a change in the situation in Syria, an increase in security incidents that could lead to a mobilisation along sectarian lines throughout the country, and large scale cash programming that could further reinforce negative perceptions around Syrians receiving disproportionate amounts of aid.