More than 48,000 people affected by the Beirut explosions starting to receive UNICEF emergency cash grants

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BEIRUT, 23 November 2020 – UNICEF announced the beginning of the Emergency Cash Grantdistribution for the first 48,000 recipients, aiming to reach up to 80,000 children and vulnerable individuals affected by the Beirut Port explosions, as soon as possible. The cash grant is being transferred via OMT branches across Beirut. However, many eligible households have still not yet applied for the cash grant and registration will continue until 30 November 2020.

The UNICEF one-off emergency cash grant targets all households that include children, members with a disability, members over the age of 70 or a female head of household, living in the priority areas: Karantina, Bourj Hammoud (including Nabaa), Karm El Zaytoun (Ghabi area), El Bachoura (including Khandak), Qobayat (Rmeil fonciere), and El Basta el Tahta.

"UNICEF's emergency cash grant will allow households to choose how to address their immediate needs," said Yukie Mokuo, UNICEF Representative in Lebanon. "People who are vulnerable have a right to support and UNICEF will continue working around the clock with its partners on the ground to provide humanitarian assistance following the Beirut explosions".

The Emergency Cash Grant will be provided directly to recipients as a one-time cash transfer of 120 USD for eligible household member, up to a maximum of three members per household.

The priority areas were identified based on the level of impact of the blast as well as existing vulnerabilities of neighborhoods. The four eligible groups were identified based on evidence that these groups have greater needs and vulnerabilities than other households. Households with vulnerabilities living in disadvantaged areas affected by the blast are most likely to need support.

"We believe that many eligible households have still not yet applied for this cash grant," said Elie El Rawadi, Social Assistance Officer at UNICEF. "If someone in your household falls into one of the groups and you live in a priority area, then we encourage you to apply and claim your cash."

Eligible households should apply directly to the emergency grant themselves through a mobile-friendly web-based application form -- available here: http://bit.ly/unicef-ect - as part of a thorough registration and validation process. On-site registration is currently on hold due to country's lockdown and Covid_19 preventive measures. If households face challenges applying online, they can call the UNICEF call center on 04 727 300 from Monday to Friday, from 9h00 am till 6h00 pm.

UNICEF strongly encourages all households in the eligible groups residing in the priority areas to apply for the Emergency Cash Grant through the online application before 30 November 2020.