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Medical care for Syrians in Lebanon

Vulnerable Syrian families currently living in Lebanon, are to receive vital healthcare assistance in an Islamic Relief project that begins next week (15 January).

Since conflict erupted in 2011, more than two million people are thought to have fled unrelenting violence in Syria. The numbers of people fleeing has escalated in recent months, as the situation inside the war-torn country deteriorates still further.

At present, it is estimated that Lebanon hosting at least 858,000 displaced Syrians, according to the latest UN figures – many of whom are too fearful to register as refugees. As such, they slip through the net of humanitarian organisations such as the UNHCR – which can meet some of the costs of medical care for registered refugees.

Unregistered Syrians – as well as displaced Palestinians and Lebanese, and poor local people without the means to pay for healthcare – therefore are particularly vulnerable. Islamic Relief is now providing vital support to help them to access medical care and treatment.

This is seeing primary, secondary and tertiary healthcare services provided in Bekaa, northern and southern Casa and Mount Lebanon – as well as the camps where Syrians and Palestinians from Syria are living.

We will also be paying for surgical operations, X-rays and examinations, as well as care in childbirth – including caesarean-sections. At least 192 vulnerable families will benefit from the two-month project.

Islamic Relief is providing essential humanitarian aid to vulnerable people inside Syria, as well as in neighbouring countries including Jordan and Iraq as well as Lebanon.

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