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Measures impacting refugees in Lebanon - Curfews (January 2020)

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Following the introduction of administrative and policy measures impacting the protective environment in Lebanon, UNHCR – in collaboration with partners – has systematically been monitoring measures affecting refugees since June 2019. This dashboard outlines curfews in place throughout the country as of January 2020, based on reports from the authorities, partners and refugees. In a total of 328 municipalities some type of curfew affecting Syrian refugees is currently in place, more than 40% of which are strictly enforced. These curfews are most often declared by municipality officials, and are often in breach of Lebanese law as they are discriminatory (only applicable to Syrians) and as they do not follow procedures required by law. Curfews generally operate between 7 or 8 p.m. and 6 a.m. Some have exceptions related to medical emergencies; in such cases, refugees are required to inform the municipal police prior to moving if they have a need to travel during curfew hours. Temporary curfews are sometimes imposed during holy days, such as Ramadan, Ashoura or Christmas, or during an election period; these are not captured on the map below.