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Lebanon/OPT: Update on situation in Nahr el Bared and Beddawi refugee camps in Lebanon

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ANERA President/CEO, Bill Corcoran, is currently traveling through the Middle East. While in Lebanon, he had the opportunity to report how fighting has displaced hundreds of refugees from the Nahr el Bared camp. Facts below were gathered two days ago from meetings with the Lebanese Prime Minister, United Nations officials and a tour of the Beddawi camp (one of the camps to which families from Nahr el Bared have fled).

- 20,000 refugees fled Nahr el Bared and are now seeking refuge in Beddawi camp, which originally housed 17,000 refugees.

- An additional 200 people from Nahr el Bared were evacuated on June 9.

- Seven thousand to 8,000 refugees fled to Shatilla and Burj al Barajneh camps.

- A smaller number of refugees fled to Ein el Helwa.

- Homes of most of the internally displaced were destroyed.

- Evacuees of Nahr el Bared were left with only the clothes on their backs because many were evacuated in the middle of the night.

- Documents, photos, money, clothing and personal items were lost in flight.

- Cases of diarrhea have increased at the Beddawi Palestinian Red Crescent Hospital from 20 per week to 250 per week.

- Depression cases have soared.

- Lactating mothers are in a critical situation because their milk is drying up from stress.

- Fifty pregnant women are ready to deliver and need privacy and special care but there are no available facilities.

- Doctors are still receiving patients with severe injuries from the fighting. Surgery is constant.

- As many as 50 people are using a single schoolroom to sleep, dress and store their possessions.

ANERA is responding to the critical situation. We are working through our local partners to provide care to those in urgent need. ANERA has coordinated with our partner, AmeriCares, to deliver the following shipments:

- A container of medical supplies, valued at $1.3 million, was in the Beirut port on May 30 when fighting began. The supplies were distributed to Safad Hospital and the Health Center in the Beddawi camp.

- A $1.7 million shipment of medical supplies is currently en route to Beirut.

- An emergency air shipment of urgently needed antibiotics worth $1.6 million is being prepared. This shipment was made possible by ANERA's generous donor, ACCESS - Arab Community Center for Economic and Social Services.

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