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Lebanon: VAM Update on Food Price Trends - November 2019

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• The average daily price of the SMEB1 food basket increased by 8% between 16 October (36,907 LBP2 ) and 31 October (39,940 LBP). This is a noticeable increase in basic food commodities prices during a very short period.

• In the second half of October (since the beginning of the protests) the price for the food basket was on average 2.4 percent higher than during the first half of October.

• The highest price increases in the SMEB food basket were for bulgur, rice and canned meat.

• From a Governorate perspective, the highest food basket prices as of 31 October are found in Beirut (44,207 LBP), Nabatieh (42,754 LBP) and Bekaa (42,700 LBP).

• The highest price increases are observed in Nabatieh, North Lebanon (each 13 percent) and Bekaa (12 percent).