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Lebanon Update: Situation in North Lebanon, January 21 -January 27 2012

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Highlights of the week


The number of registered Syrians with UNHCR and the High Relief Commission (HRC) is 6,290. Since last week there has been an increase of some 600 persons, mainly in the Wadi Khaled and Tripoli areas. This increase does not reflect new arrivals but instead the number of persons who have been in Wadi Khaled or Tripoli for some time and just this week registered with UNHCR-HRC.


The January distribution of food, hygiene kits, milk, winter clothes coupons, toys and fuel started on January 23rd and will continue through the end of next week. HRC and UNHCR visited homes to distribute these items to the displaced and the most vulnerable of the host families, with the help of a number of other partners, notably the Danish Refugee Council (DRC). In addition, Caritas Migrant Center distributed hygiene kits while UNICEF provided toys for children.