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Lebanon: UN Inter-Agency Response for Syrian Refugees, March 15-22, 2013


Highlights of the Week

 Over 100,000 refugees benefited from winter clothes vouchers, electric heaters, blankets, pillows, mattresses, and hygiene and baby kits;

 Over 20,000 World Food Programme (WFP) food vouchers were distributed to refugees across the country;

 Over 2,500 newly arrived Syrian refugees were visited, counselled and assisted;

 A considerable number of school-aged children dropped out of school bringing the total number of children enrolled in schools to 28,500 (from 32,000);

 Approximately 4,000 Syrian refugees received primary health care services and 800 secondary health care;

 UNHCR registered over 13,000 Syrian refugees;

 The waiting time for registration in North Lebanon has reduced by half;