Lebanon: Relief, Rehabilitation & Development Newsletter 23 Feb 2007


Overview of RI's Relief Efforts in Lebanon


- 7376 hygeine kits

- 14,752 jerry cans for water and gasoline

- 20 10,000 L water tanks

- 78,800L green diesel

- 3,044,000 L of water to 5 villages without access to other sources of water

- Water Testing Kits.


- 2 water pumps

- 10 electrical generators

720 water tanks

Lebanon: Emergency Response

RI responded to the conflict in Lebanon in the summer of 2006 by providing emergency assistance specifically tailored to meet the needs in 16 villages in the Beqa'a Valley and Southern Lebanon. RI selected villages based on evidence of demonstrated need, geographic proximity, and the absence of duplicative services from other NGOs. Throughout its relief efforts, RI coordinated closely with other NGOs to avoid duplicating services and to exchange detailed security information. RI collaborated with local organizations such as the Lebanese Red Cross and Offre Joie for the distribution of non-food items. Shortly thereafter, RI conducted a rapid needs assessment to gather crucial information and data on the demographics and needs of internally displaced persons. Based on the results, RI designed and implemented a water/sanitation project reaching 4,814 families and 24,070 beneficiaries to prevent the spread of communicable disease and address the water and hygiene needs of returnees. To ensure proper maintenance and usage of equipment, RI translated instructions for sterilization and installation of water systems into Arabic and delivered training municipal councils and volunteers.

Lebanon: UXO Awareness

RI is also implementing a social marketing campaign in Lebanon to increase awareness of unexploded ordnance (UXO) in South Lebanon and the Western Beqa'a Valley. The program has been specifically tailored to reach 500,000 Lebanese farmers most affected by UXOs, their children, and their communities. The program aims to reduce injuries from UXO, change how UXOs are removed, and improve reporting of UXOs to de-mining groups through a multi-faced approach utilizing direct training, educational theater, and a media awareness campaign. RI and its partners, the Lebanese Red Cross and Red Crescent Society and the Lebanese Inter-Agency Mine Awareness Education Committee, deliver training of trainers to facilitate direct education for farmers on the dangers of UXOs and best practices. The program also targets children aged 5-12 through an educational theater component, open also to community members and featuring discussions following performances. Finally, the program reinforces the message of UXO awareness through a song which will be broadcast on TV stations as Public Service Announcements.