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Lebanon: Relief material needed in Naher El-Bared Camp

Japanese Committee for the Children of Palestine (JCCP) is a Japanese NGO that aims to support Palestinian refugees in Lebanon. JCCP is working on a partnership with The National Institution of Social Care and Vocational Training (NISCVT), an organization in Lebanon that is also known as BAS, Beit Atfal Al Smoud.

On May 21 and 22, 2007, NISCVT sent information to its partner organizations in Europe and Asia about the present situation in Naher El-Bared Palestinian Refugee Camp near Tripoli, Lebanon. These are the extracts from the e-mails sent by NISCVT.

E-mail on May 22

The bombardment is intensifying and the whole camp is under tight siege, while humanitarian organizations like PRCS, UNRWA, the Red Cross and others are waiting outside for a permission to enter with the relief material and food for the trapped people who are in great need for water, bread and milk for the children.

E-mail on May 21

Two clinics were directly hit and most of the rest clinics are very close to the front lines, the mosque is being used now to shelter some of the wounded, but even first aide material is becoming rare, no one was expecting any kind of fighting and no one was prepared. NGOs are calling for doctors, nurses and experienced people to volunteer and pleading for people who have any kind of first aide material to give as the need is rising even for the simplest items, not to mention other equipment, medication or blood transfusion that are out of question.


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