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Lebanon: Regional Response Plan (RRP5) - Fact Sheet

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Amid worsening violence inside Syria, the number of refugees and other persons displaced to Lebanon is projected to reach 1,229,000 by end 2013, putting significant pressure on local communities. As numbers spiral, significantly increased humanitarian support is needed to save lives and ensure the wellbeing of refugees and affected communities. The Government of Lebanon and 57 partners have updated sectoral workplans and budgets from 1 January to 31 December 2013 as part of the fifth Syria Regional Response Plan (RRP5). Partners require USD 1.7 billion for a comprehensive and coordinated response to the current crisis, bearing in mind available capacities and timeframes.


Funding - aid budgets of donor governments alone will not be sufficient to cover the escalating needs of Syrian refugees. In the event of funding shortfalls, partners will have to make tough choices to ensure protection and essential services based on the strategic objectives that have been prioritized.

Stability and social cohesion - the growing complexity of the conflict in Syria and the refugee crisis has broader implications on stability in Lebanon and has put significant pressure on local resources leading to social tensions. 1.2 million Lebanese citizens are thought to be affected by displacement from Syria.

Coordination and response capacity - partners face constraints providing shelter and assistance to an increasingly vulnerable population and needs are expected to outstrip the capacity to respond. More coordination is needed with development and local actors to broaden responses, and ensure aid reaches those who need it most.