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Lebanon: Refugees from Nahr El Bared find shelter in neighboring camps


UNRWA Beirut - May 27, 2007

Palestine Refugees continue to flee Nahr El Bared camp heading to Baddawi camp located in Tripoli and other areas in Lebanon. UNRWA schools have accommodated so far 574 families in Beddawi. Thousands of others have been hosted by families in Beddawi or other locations in Lebanon. UNRWA has located so far 5122 families displaced from Nahr El Bared camp.

In coordination with the ICRC and other relief agencies, the Agency provided 8 tonnes of food and medical supplies as well as 6000 litres of water on 22 May despite an attack on its convoy. On 24 May, 15.000 litres of water were also provided to the Palestinian refugees in Nahr El Bared camp. Since 25 May, UNRWA trucks loaded with 4000 bundles of bread, 58.000 litres of water and 2000 food parcels (containing each provisions for one family and sufficient for 30 days) have been waiting confirmation of secure passage to enter the provisions to the camp.

The Agency has also distributed 4000 mattresses, 3500 pillows, 3500 blankets and 1040 hygiene kits to the displaced refugees in the North (26 May). As of today, UNRWA will be distributing food parcels, pillows, covers, and hygiene kits to the displaced families in Tyre, Saida, Beirut and Beqaa areas. Meanwhile, the Agency is providing water and sanitation services in Beddawi camp.

UNRWA is working in close cooperation with other UN Agencies, the ICRC, the Lebanese Red Cross, the Palestinian Red Crescent Society (PRCS), the PLO, local and international NGOs and other parties to assess and provide for the needs of the people of Nahr El Bared Camp, both inside and outside the camp.

UNRWA seizes this opportunity to express its thanks to all these organizations for their great support.

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