Lebanon rapid post-conflict recovery program weekly report 30 Dec 2006 - 05 Jan 2007

Situation Report
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I. protection

School Rehabilitation in Baalbek

Mercy Corps is at the second phase of rehabilitating Baalbek schools. The walls in the bathrooms are being plastered and prepared for tiling, pipes and toilets have been installed in the First Mixed Intermediate Governmental School of Baalbek. Other schools are undergoing repair under the phase II rehabilitation project such as the Orphanage of Islamic Welfare Association Baalbek where tiles are being removed from bathrooms on two floors and new plumbing is being installed, the New Intermediate Mixed Governmental School of Baalbek where the steel netting for leveling playground and pouring cement was installed behind the school and the Nabi Othman Governmental School where leveling the playground is ongoing. The cement pouring in the New Intermediate Mixed Governmental School of Baalbek was postponed due to the weather. The work was also postponed due to the weather in the First Intermediate Governmental School of Brital.

Psychosocial and Youth Activities

Computer training for youth in Burj El Barajni and Burj Hammoud

Mercy Corps in collaboration with Professional Computer Association (PCA) and Women's gathering is undergoing a Microsoft certified computer training for 60 youths from different ages and schools in the Association for Computer and Technology (ACT) center in Haret Hreik. The training started on December 27, 06 and is expected to end on February 28, 2007 and includes working with Windows XP, creating and formatting documents on Word, creating and working with spreadsheets on Excel, creating a Power Point presentation, using the internet, emailing, designing a webpage as well as camera, movie and picture taking and editing. The students are enjoying the classes as indicated by the low rate of absenteeism.

Mercy Corps, PCA, and the Women's Gathering are now finalizing the preparations that allow the students from Borj Hammoud to take the computer training.

Activities in Baalbek postponed due to the weather

Mercy Corps in collaboration with the Lebanese Organization for Studies and Training (LOST) completed a park in Iaat. Plans to paint the wall and fence have been postponed due to the weather. Also in collaboration with LOST, Mercy Corps is building a community pitch in Douris and a basketball pitch in Youmouni, Baalbek. The foundation for the Douris community pitch has been laid. Work on the fence and surface will continue when the weather improves. For the Youmouni basketball pitch, the area was donated and leveled by the Municipality and the work has not begun yet due to the weather.

University Books Distribution in Baalbek

Mercy Corps is planning on distributing university books in Baalbek. The project is on-going and the deadline has been extended until January 15th due to slow registration of students.