Lebanon rapid post-conflict recovery program weekly report 25 May - 01 Jun 2007



Sport Playgrounds in two Technical Schools in Nabatiye

Mercy Corps is building two multi-use pitches in the technical schools of Nabatiye and Toul.

The Nabatiye Technical School playground was handed over to the community and the opening will be held on the ninth of June with the participation of representatives from the Ministry of Education (MoE) and local authorities. A friendly basketball match will take place during the opening between the Nabatiye Technical School basketball team, who won the silver medal in a country wide competition involving Lebanese technical schools, and another team, consisting of the best basket ball players from different schools.

The school has received additional contribution from the Union of Municipalities for the lighting of the playground. In Toul Technical School, Mercy Corps' contractor finished fencing, draining and protecting the rocky wall; currently he is painting the ground. The works should be completed by the first week of June.


Basketball tournament in Osaira

Mercy Corps and its partner LOST organized a two week basketball tournament which concluded on Sunday 27th of May. The tournament hich took place on a new basketball court in Baalbek was a huge success. At the end of the event, medals were given to the winning team and a post tournament celebration was held. "After the final game and medals, none of the players or spectators wanted to leave; we had to cancel our appointments later that day so we could keep the party going", said the Chairman of LOST.