Lebanon - Protection of Syrian refugees (DG ECHO, UN, NGOs, media) (ECHO Daily Flash of 19 July 2019)

  • The recent intensification of measures targeting refugees that includes raids, demolitions, evictions, arrests, deportations, shop closures, or confiscation of documents and assets is increasing refugee vulnerabilities and risk leading to the adoption of negative coping mechanisms (child labour, child marriage, exploitative work conditions).
  • DG ECHO's partners are also drawing attention to an increased risk of refoulement and involuntary returns, and stress the ‘re-traumatisation’ impact of shelter demolition and forced self-dismantlement on refugees, particularly on children.
  • Following a nationwide demolition order of solid refugee shelters, self-dismantlement of shelters by refugees continues in Arsal (North Bekaa). As of 17 July, 1,289 out of 2,500 concerned shelter units were self-dismantled.
  • The implementation of the Ministry of Labour plan to combat illegal foreign labour resulted in over 400 cases of shop closures, fines or warnings in the first 3 days of application.