Lebanon: Post conflict rehabilitation continues

In the latest of its efforts to help communities in South Lebanon and the Bekaa Valley recover from the conflict in Lebanon nearly a year ago, IOM will today start a four month course to help 15 women from three villages near Baalbeck to receive training allowing them to start up their own beauty care businesses.

In late May, 20 women from Baalbeck began a three month vocational course also offered by IOM on embroidery. At the end, the women will have new skills with an opportunity to earn a living by making scarves and dresses typical of the city, known as Al Taarek, which are traditionally sold in the Gulf region, including to royal families.

IOM's Beligian government funded programme focuses on diversifying livelihood options in South Lebanon and the Bekaa Valley, the areas most affected last year, through skills development and capacity building based on the availability of local natural and human resources.

The Organization is also giving in-kind grants to small rural and urban businesses based on local market needs and skills in each village. Nearly 70 families will benefit from the initiative on such enterprises as carpentry, blacksmithing, barber shops and milk production and honey bee holding while another 40 butchers in Baalbeck will benefit from funding for some equipment at a slaughterhouse.

In South Lebanon, the Organization is looking at helping meet some of the urgent agricultural needs such as the provision of essential farming equipment and the rehabilitation of greenhouses.

For further information, please contact Rana Jaber, IOM Beirut, Tel +961-70992831, Email: rjabertdy@iom.int