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Lebanon: Overall LCRP Education Sector Response Strategy 2020

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The protracted nature of the Syria crisis, which has entered its ninth year in March 2019, has overstretched the capacity of the public education system. To address critical education needs of thousands of school age vulnerable Lebanese and Syrian refugee children in Lebanon, the Ministry of Education and Higher Education (MEHE), has drawn up the Reaching All Children with Education Plans (RACE I: 2014-2016 and RACE II: 2017-2021).

The overarching goal of the LCRP Education Sector Response Strategy i.e., RACE II, is that “the Lebanese national education system is able to provide equitable access to quality education opportunities for all children and youth”. The Education Sector, led by the MEHE, collaborates towards this goal through three main, equally important, areas of intervention:

  1. ACCESS to education opportunities: By enhancing access to, and demand from, children, youth, and their caregivers, for equitable formal or regulated non-formal education

  2. QUALITY of education services: By enhancing quality of education services and learning environments to ensure grade-appropriate learning outcomes for children and youth

  3. GOVERNANCE of education systems: By enhancing governance and managerial capacities of RACE II implementing institutions to plan, budget, deliver, monitor, and evaluate education services