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Lebanon/ OPT: fighting continues in Nahr al-Bared

Situation Report
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Heavy clashes in northern Lebanon between Lebanese troops and fighters belonging to the group Fatah-al-Islam are continuing in the Palestinian refugee camp, Nahr al-Bared, which has a population of 40,000. The ICRC, the Palestine Red Crescent and the Lebanese Red Cross are working together to help the wounded. Virginia La Guardia, ICRC spokesperson, explains.

What is the situation in the camp now?

The heavy fighting that started on Sunday is continuing though there has been talk of a truce. There is fighting within the camp and the Lebanese army is still shelling. The situation is very tense and there are reports of civilian deaths. No one is sure how many.

What have the different Movement partners been doing?

The Palestine Red Crescent began to evacuate injured from the camp yesterday. They managed to take six people out on Sunday but the intensity of the fighting prevented further evacuations. Today, the PRCS has evacuated a further 18 people. They were transferred to the Lebanese Red Cross, which transported them to Safad hospital in Beddawi camp. The Palestine Red Crescent also managed today to distribute some milk and bread to people in the camp.

This morning three ICRC cars left Beirut for Tripoli with medical supplies to support Safad hospital and the dispensary within the camp. Medical kits have been left at the gates of the camp for the war wounded and there was contact with the committee running the camp so that they could pick up the kits.

What is the main message of the ICRC to those involved in the fighting?

Our main message is for access. All parties must ensure an unimpeded access for ambulances and medical staff and allow them to take care of the wounded and evacuate the dead bodies.