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Lebanon: Nahr El Bared Needs Assessment Dec 2007

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Qualitative Needs Assessment:

Date of Assessment: December 2007
Target Population: Nahr el Bared IDPs
Location: Beddawi Camp
Sample Size: 194 Families, Approximately 10% of the NBC IDPs in Beddawi Camp (1848 Families)

Methodology of Assessment:

This is a qualitative assessment based on the opinion of the affected population on their needs and a process of documentation of their perception on relief activities and provision.

The assessment aims at identifying the general mood of the affected population and tries to identify their perception of their own situation of displacement.

The needs identified in this assessment are only an indicator of the general direction of relief activities, and can only provide a general overview and figures about the quantitative needs of the affected population.

Yet this assessment does not give out any quantitative figures about the needs of the NBC IDPs in Beddawi.

Sample Details:

Interviewed Families: 194, Approximately 10% of the NBC IDPs in Beddawi Camp (1848 Families)
Number of Persons: 1258
Females: 744, 59%
Males: 513, 41%