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Lebanon: Inter-Agency - Lebanon Crisis Response Plan Overview and Scope - September 2022


What is the Lebanon Crisis Response Plan?

Lebanon is part of the Syria Refugee and Resilience Response Plan (3RP) – one regional plan with five standalone country chapters – which has been a key expression of the international community’s support to address the impact of the Syria crisis in Lebanon, Turkey, Iraq, Egypt and Jordan. The Lebanon country chapter – the Lebanon Crisis Response Plan - is a joint plan between the Government of Lebanon and its international and national partners, which aims to respond to the impact of the Syria crisis in a holistic, comprehensive and integrated manner through medium-term, multi-year planning. The Lebanon Crisis Response Plan uses a needs-based approach which adapts to changes in experiences and context. The yearly appeal is developed based on an annual review of needs.

The Lebanon Crisis Response Plan aims to respond to challenges in a holistic manner through medium-term planning to achieve the four Strategic Objectives and the six related impact statements. Reinforced and objective M&E had been critical to improve the effectiveness and accountability of the LCRP.