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Lebanon: Inter-Agency - Inter-Agency Referral Analysis Report covering April-June 2020 (Q2 2020) - All Sectors


This analysis provides an overview of referral trends across all sectors, and in such a way informing the understanding of people's needs in order to stregthen the humanitarian response in Lebanon. The Inter-Agency Referral Analysis is designed to foster greater efficiency of referral pathways and contains recommendations for improved coordination and access to services for vulnerable communities. It guides sectors in the identification of any gaps and blockages in the response, and contributes to the discussion on how to respond to the affected populations, as well as how people's needs are changing with the current context. This dashboard presents data compiled from three data sources: the Inter-Agency Referral Monitoring System (developed by the Inter-Agency Coordination), Referral Information Management System (RIMS, developed by the Danish Refugee Council), and Refugee Assistance Information System (RAIS, developed by UNHCR). It is a product of collaboration of partners in the field, the Danish Refugee Council, UNHCR and the Inter-Agency Coordination.