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Lebanon: Inter-Agency - Food Security and Agriculture Sector Chapter - 2020 Update of the Lebanon Crisis Response Plan

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Overall sector strategy

The theory of change underpinning the Food Security and Agriculture Sector strategy is built on the following result chain:

• If the sector contributes to the improvement of food availability, access, utilization and stabilization of vulnerable populations and supports food value chains and agricultural livelihoods, while working simultaneously with governmental institutions to strengthen their capacity, then the food insecurity of vulnerable groups will be reduced and the agriculture sector’s resilience to the impacts of the Syria crisis will be improved, which will at the same time, strengthen the functionality and resilience of the national food system.

• If in-kind food assistance is provided to the most vulnerable and support to sustainable, climate-smart agricultural production is ensured, food availability will improve, together with the production and productivity of food value chains, for the benefit of vulnerable households and communities.

• If innovation-driven cash-based food assistance and opportunities to access agricultural jobs and incomes is provided to the most vulnerable while their skills are enhanced, then food access, alongside agricultural livelihoods, will improve.

• If the production and consumption of more diversified and nutritious food improves, together with the strengthening of capacities related to food safety, then the nutritional well-being of vulnerable communities is strengthened and vulnerability to food insecurity is reduced.

• If the capacity of government institutions at national and local levels is strengthened through technical assistance and capacity building on climate smart agriculture, food security and social protection, then the stabilisation of national and local food security and social safety nets will be promoted.

The Food Security and Agriculture sector has two main overarching objectives: i) reducing food insecurity by 2020 and ii) improving the resilience of the agricultural sector to the impact of the Syria crisis.