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Lebanon: Extreme weather condition - Emergency Plan of Action (EPoA) Update n° 1 - DREF Operation n° MDRLB005

Situation Report
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Summary of major revisions made to emergency plan of action:

Due to the severity and the frequency of the snow storms the DREF Operation was amended to meet the growing need for repairing ambulances and 4x4 ambulance jeeps that were damaged during our response.

Moreover the time frame of the operation had to be extended by two months in order to meet the multiple responses that occurred during these severe snow storms and weather conditions and to complete the beneficiary satisfaction survey.

Situation analysis

A.1 Description of the disaster

The snow storm that hit Lebanon had caused extensive damage both on the community and the infrastructure level. The Lebanese Red Cross (LRC) has responded from day one of the storm. A total number of 1,919 cases were supported and transported by the LRC. After the storm, ice had formed on all major roads and temperatures had dramatically decreased which lead the LRC to intervene in major evacuations. Lots of gas suffocation and heating suffocation had been reported and transported due to the extreme cold weather.

On the 10th of February and after 2 weeks from the first snow storm another major storm hit the country and caused extreme damage to roads, coastal roads, marine and infrastructure. The storm brought winds to 90 and 110 km/h. The LRC preparedness from the first storm enabled a rapid intervention during the second storm.

On the 17th of February and after one week from the second storm, a third snow storm hit Lebanon with. The LRC remobilized all its resources and was on high alert to respond to vulnerable people in the storm. The LRC gave support to 942 cases during 3 days, they mobilized 60 4x4 Jeeps and 40 ambulances to be able to respond to this storm.