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“Lebanon DREF (MDRLB006)” Lessons Learned Workshop Report (April 2019)


1. Purpose of the Lessons Learned Report

Throughout each project life cycle, lessons are learned and opportunities for improvement are discovered. As part of a continuous improvement process, documenting lessons learned helps project teams discover the root causes of problems and bottlenecks that occurred and mitigate their occurance in later project stages or in future projects. Data for this report was gathered during the Lessons Learned Workshop in Lebanon.
The objective of this report is to gather all relevant information for better planning for future projects or similar events, improving implementation of new projects, and preventing or minimizing risks for future similar projects.

Ultimately, the goals of the lessons learned report are:

 List successes to document what went right;

 Document what can be improved upon;

 Streamline processes based on this information;

 Avoiding making the same erroneous actions;

 Improving on current delivery standards by adopting proven good practice;

 Contributing to organisational growth and maturity by effecting long term improvements in the way an organisation embeds and shares Project Management best practice;

 Communicate this information to project management and appropriate stakeholders.